You’re an amazing solo marketer, but you’re too busy to make amazing online content.

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Lewis Roca

Am200 Law Firm

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Online Sports Memorabilia Auction House

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US/Canadian Semi-Truck Dealerships

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Artist, surface pattern designer, illustrator, and author

A Peace of Werk

Illustrator and author

Terri Conrad Designs

Artist and pattern designer

Working as a solo marketer or on a small marketing team is hard. So much to do, and too many hats to wear.

Has this ever happened to you?

Your boss is asking for it all:

  • They want to go viral on [Insert Social Platform – most likely TikTok…], but they won’t give you any additional resources or time.
  • They want a podcast, because their competitor down the street has one.
  • They want you to send 3 promo emails a day to everyone on the mailing list, and 4 on holidays.
  • They want to be a top Twitch streamer, but the company only sells used mufflers.

Your customers want to be entertained, educated, or empowered at every interaction. So does your boss. Are you giving them what they want?

I teach you to simplify your processes and focus on your customers’ needs by creating amazing online content… So you look like a rockstar to your boss.

Learn to easily create and deliver consistently what they’re craving:

  • Engaged social media communities
  • Compelling videos and livestreams
  • Story driven podcasts
  • Exciting email campaigns

You will quickly be creating what your customers need to trust you more, share more, and purchase more.

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Hi, I’m Brady Gillman

I have been working as a solo digital marketer for entrepreneurs and small businesses the over the last 15 years. I have worked in a wide variety of industries, and I’ve found they’re all trying to do one thing: Connect with customers.

The problem is that most solo marketers or small marketing teams are too busy or too overwhelmed to easily produce the quality digital content that is needed to attract and keep their customer’s attention enough to drive revenues.

That is why I started Compass Tower; to help marketers learn to make amazing digital content that best serves the needs of their customers, cut through complications, and simplify processes.

You’ll be more satisfied with your work, and your customers will be thrilled by your marketing efforts.